Joy's Journey to Recovery Part 1

Joy's Journey to Recovery Part 1
Sometime end of last year, Joy fell off our couch when she was playing with Happy’s Piglet Tsum Tsum Toy. She couldn't see the edge of the couch beyond Piglet and pushed it until they both went down together.

Piglet and the Couch
The alleged perpetrator Piglet, and where Joy literally rolled off from. They rolled down together.

Immediately after the fall she seemed like she was in shock, and was crawling with her tongue out. We were so worried about her that we took her to the vet to check if was anything serious.

She was found to have a bit a sprain on her back. But as her own knees and hip were already weak from before, it resulted in a harder fall for her. 

We were recommended that Joy undergo laser therapy treatment, and whilst this vet does provide the therapy, we decided against bringing Joy here as the vet doesn't accept booked appointments. They run on a first come, first-serve basis and they're always busy so the wait would be long. We decided to research other places where Joy could also receive laser therapy treatment.
So I scoured through the web and Facebook groups and found a highly recommended place called Paws Rehab - a physio for dogs. So I decided to give them a call and set for an appointment.

Paws Rehad Shop Front 1
This is the frontage of Paws Rehab. It is located in a semi industrial area in Subang Jaya.

In the first session, we were greeted by Sydney Chik, the therapist and founder of Paws Rehab. Click here to read more about her.

First, Joy’s weight was taken. Then, I gave an account of Joy's history and condition. After that, Sydney proceeded to do a physical assessment of Joy. 

Checking Joy's lower back
Checking her lower back 
Checking Joy's Back
Smiling for the camera
Joy assessment
Checking her hips 
Checking Joy's hips

We then proceeded to do laser therapy on the areas where Sydney felt Joy needed. 

Joy receiving laser therapy 1

Joy receiving laser therapy 2
Sydney and I were required to wear protective goggles while Joy wasn’t required to wear one as she wasn't facing the laser itself. Depending on the location of therapy, your pet may need to wear them as well.

Joy has luxating patella on both knees and a bad hips, especially her left, so the laser treatment focused on her back, hips and some parts of her knees.

Laser therapy is a gentle non invasive therapy to ease pain and help healing. The laser warms up a targeted area, promoting circulation, and loosens the tight muscles that might be over compensating for a weak, injured or painful area. 

Joy’s laser therapy lasted for about 15 minutes. And Sydney proceeded to stretch and massage Joy on her affected areas.

Joy getting massaged 
Joy getting stretched

The whole treatment is about 30 mins. 

We were advised to use a heat pack at home on her painful areas, and to begin managing her weight, her weight was recorded at 3.1kgs at the time when she should be no more than 2.5kgs. She was overweight.

Due to her knees, bad hips and a collapsed trachea, Joy has never been able to walk much for exercise. With that in mind, Sydney recommended swimming for her. She gave us pointers on what to look out for when we bring Joy swimming. 

“Start with 30 seconds, take note of her tongue colour as dogs can’t breathe through their mouths when swimming. Special attention is needed as she already has a breathing impairment due to her collapsed trachea" 

Sydney was thorough with her assessment and gave lots of advice as to what we could do to improve Joy's condition. We were happy after the first session. Joy seemed a lot more comfortable so we proceeded to sign up for a laser therapy package. At the time, they had a buy "5 sessions free 1 session" promotion so that's what we signed up for.

We visited Sydney for 6 weeks straight for laser therapy. 

Joy on one of her trips to Paws Rehab
Joy on one of her trips to Paws Rehab

Shortly after Sydney's recommendation, we started Joy on swimming once a week. This was her first swim!

Our sessions at Paws Rehab coupled with light swimming went on for 6 weeks and Joy was once again back to her old self :)

While we were there, we saw other furriends going through rehab, physiotherapy, and hydrotherapy.

Paws Rehab Physiotherapy
A shih-tzu was there for physio one day. There is a pool behind the physio room for hydrotherapy when needed.

We were so relieved to see Joy recover and improve with the swimming sessions that we put forth a plan to reduce her weight and strengthen her muscles.

Want to learn about our plan and her progress so far? Stay tuned for part 2 of Joy's Journey to Recovery. I'll be putting up the story soon. If you don't want to miss it, join our club and get the story in your inbox!